The Collaborative Community Law Initiative (“CCLI”) is creating a Twin Cities-based legal services incubator that will provide mentorship, education and resources in a collaborative setting to recent Mitchell Hamline School of Law graduates who are developing community-based, low bono law practices.   Over an approximately 18 month period, CCLI will train and educate these new attorneys on best legal and ethical practices and how to handle the practical/”real world” needs of running a sustainable law practice and small business serving presently underserved populations.

Reducing the Justice Gap is a key piece of CCLI’s mission.  This means training and mentoring new lawyers to develop innovative practices that are highly cost efficient, utilize technology in new ways and rely upon client collaboration.  In so doing CCLI hopes to significantly increase the number of of Minnesota lawyers providing affordable legal services to a client population which is financially ineligible for legal assistance through existing Twin Cities legal nonprofits.